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About the Diocese of Malaita

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The Diocese of Malaita (DOM) was formed (along with the other original Dioceses: Diocese of Central Melanesia, Diocese of Ysabel and the Diocese of Vanuatu) in January 1975.

The first Diocesan Bishop and other Bishops:

The first Diocesan Bishop was Rt Rev. Leonard Alufurai (1975 -1981).

The second Diocesan Bishop was Rt Rev.Willie Alaha Pwaisiho (1982-1989)

The third Diocesan Bishop was Rt Rev. Raymond Aumae (1990-1994)

The Fourth Diocesan Bishop was Rt Rev. Dr Terry Brown (1995 -2008)

The current Diocesan Bishop is Rt Rev. Sam Sahu (1st November 2008)

Number of Regions, Parishes and active Parish Priests:

There are six (6) Regions, namely Central Region, Keava Region, Northern Region, Small Malaita Region, Arekwa Region and Eastern Region.

There are 46 Parishes in the whole diocese, with 66 active Priests currently serving in Parishes and Institutions.

DOM Vision 2020:

Since 2010 the Diocese is guaided and driven by DOM Vision 2020 with six priority areas namely; (1) Making DISCIPLES for King Jesus and his Church in Malaita (2) Making ethical and servant LEADERS for the Church and the rest of Malaita society (3) Making MONEY to develop local communities and to support the mission of the Diocese (4) Developing HOUSING Infrastructure at the Diocesan and Regional Headquarters (5) Strengthening EDUCATION and TRAINING within the Diocese, and (6) Strengthening MEDICAL and HEALTH CARE within the Diocese.

Under DOM Vision 2020, the Diocese is committed to growing and building up an Anglican Church of the 21st century which holds together in Christ the Evangelical, Catholic and Charismatic traditions of the Gospel and the Church.



The Diocesan Bishop

Rt. Rev. Sam Sahu    

Mobile: +677 7458686

Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Assistant Bishop

Rt. Rev. Alfred Hou

Mobile: +677 7456863


The Diocesan Secretary

Mr Philip Akote'e

Mobile: +677 7402000


The Diocesan Treasurer

Mr David Kabulanga

Mobile: +677 7550576

Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Diocesan Mission Secretary

Rev.George Fagono

Mobile: +677 7447545


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