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Thursday, 28 September 2017 21:30


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A week long diocesan synod for the Diocese of Ysable (DOY) which was officially opened on Sunday 6th has ended successfully on Friday the 11th of August 2017 at the Diocesan Head quarter in Jejevo, Buala.

Prior to the official opening was a moving welcome ceremony which began at Jejevo School to the Diocesan Headquarter led by Bagovu panpipe group on Saturday the 5th of August 2017.

More than 130 synod participants and nearby communities came to witness the welcome ceremony in which the Diocesan Bishop, the Right Reverend Ellison Quity and Chief Clement Rojumana welcomed the synod delegates to the diocese.

In his welcome remarks, Chief Rojumana emphasizes the tripod system practiced in Isabel, where the house of Chiefs, Government and the Church work very closely together.

“The tripod structure is the strength of this Island Isabel,” he said.

This was also shown by the presence of the their national leaders in parliament, Hon. Dr Culwick Togamana who is the the Guest of Honor to the synod, Member of Parliament for Maringe/ Kokota Constituency; Hon. Samuel Manetoali, Member of Parliament for Gao/Bugotu constituency and Constituency Development Officer for Hograno/ Kokota/ Kia/ Havulei Constituency Mr. Conlias Ratamana who represented Hon. Jerry Manele despite their very busy schedule.

Rev Dr Aram Oroi, the Dean of Studies at Bishop Patterson Theological College (BPTC) and Head of Theology Faculty and Lecturer at Kohimarama, in his Keynote Address as the Guest Speaker to the event also highlighted the importance of the system in the development of the Diocese and the Province of Isabel.

Rev. Dr. Oroi also mentioned to the synod participants that the mission and ministry of the church in the Diocese of Isabel, legitimate issues may be raised with regard to priority and service, the functions of the legs, the ground on which the Tripod stands that takes into account the surrounding environment and what or who sits at the top of the Tripod.

“It appears more obvious that more and more people are discarding communalistic approaches and participatory living that emphasize harmony, and peaceful coexistence that is focused on others, and then take on individualistic lifestyles that are more like selfies. The church is faced more and more with that very issue of self-portrayal,” he added.

This could lead to situation that could be described as a “Selfie Church,” he said.

‘Selfie Church would be inward looking and, moreover, would be oblivious to what is going around in the world. But our mission is larger than our selfie issues; Dr. Oroi highlighted in his Address.

Theme for this synod is: “Together towards Retrieving, Re-construction and Re-translating the Good News Mission with Coherence, Relevance and in Context”. 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 14:03


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THE Board of Directors of the Melanesia Holdings Limited (MHL) trading as Provincial Press (PP) at its meeting on 31st May 2016, approved a 20% dividend to the shareholders being the ACOM Trust Board INC. owning 99% of the share and 1% the Archbishop of Melanesia. This relate to the company making an net operating profit of more than million dollars in 2015

Friday, 23 September 2016 17:06

Saint Clare Clinic lights up with Solar Power

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THE Anglican Church owned Saint Clare’s Clinic next to Taroaniara ship Yard station on big Ngella, Diocese of Central Solomons (DOCS) will no longer find problems with lighting and preservation of medications in freezers.

Friday, 23 September 2016 15:32

St. Nicholas opens new Classroom building

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Primary school students of St. Nicholas College will enjoy the use of their brand new  multimillion dollar two -storey classroom when they return for the fourth term on 26 September  after it was officially dedicated and  opened as part of school’s anniversary celebration on Friday 16th September at the Primary compound.