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The Anglican Church of Melanesia will seriously considering how it can revive the current state of the Anglican owned ‘Taroaniara Mission Station’ located in the Diocese of Central Solomons,  Central Islands Province.

A one day consultation to discuss and highlight issues concerning West Papua’s struggle for freedom and independence from Indonesia on Friday 20th March 2015, led to the formation of the “Solomon Islands Solidarity for West Papua Freedom”.

Around thirty (30) church leaders comprising heads of departments at the ACoM Provincial head office, Diocesan Mission Secretaries, heads of training institutions and religious orders under take a two days Stewardship and Leadership Training. The Training was officially opened on Wednesday 18th March at the Melanesian Haus and involves the Training of Trainers on the above topics.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 17:51

DOM Launches Diocesan Newsletter

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The Diocese of Malaita (DOM) has recently launched its first newsletter called the 'The Diocese of Malaita Newsletter'.