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The Anglican Church of the Province of Melanesia is part of the World Wide Anglican Communion that has nine dioceses that include two (2) in Vanuatu and part of New Caledonia and seven (7) in the Solomon Islands. The current Primate and Archbishop who is also the bishop of the Diocese of Central Melanesia is the Most Reverend David Vunagi.

The spiritual head of the Province is the Archbishop of Melanesia.

The General Secretary is the Chief Executive Officer. The current General Secretary is Dr. Abraham Hauriasi.

The dioceses except for Central Melanesia (Honiara area) and Hanuato'o are divided into regions, each headed by a Senior Priest. The regions are further subdivided into Parishes or Districts headed by a Parish Priest usually called a rector. Catechists are lay people appointed by local community and authorized by the bishop to take services and look after the spiritual life of a village.

The Church of Melanesia holds three orders of ministry – deacon, priest and bishop. The church follows a Common Prayer Book called A Melanesian English Prayer Book.

The teaching of the church is on the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ, summed up in the Apostle’s Creed and the Nicene Creed. Holy Eucharist sometimes called “Mass” or Communion service is the focus of the church worship that is celebrated weekly wherever there is priest.

More about the Church do consult the church Canon and other materials on our resources page.

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