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Wednesday, 23 March 2016 08:27

Bishop Ellison Outlines his vision for DOY

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My Vision for the Diocese of Ysabel.

In the words of Paul, the church is the foundation of hope, justice and love. It is the place where repentance and forgiveness is found and received. Thus, in the light of the Church Mission Statement, I would like the people and the Church in the diocese of Ysabel to be saved.

This means salivation for the Christians in Ysabel for me is the core aim of this Diocese as it is essential for our life enternal.We may have a well-structured Church. Our Churches in the regions or communities may be wealthy, but if souls are not saved the church is weak and its purpose is never fulfilled. If we want the people to be saved, the Diocese of Ysabel has to re-engage, has to re-emphasis, has to re-strengthen and has to revisit Christ mission and ministry: ‘To Teach, To Preach and To Heal ‘The Ordain and the lay ministry both need to be fully involved in the work of Ministry and mission is order that salvation is made possible for our people today and always.

In my own opinion, the continues financial crisis that ACOM is facing is giving the signal that we as the Church in the Diocese should not be depending so much on the Church grant but  now to look into self-supporting projects to help raise our own funds.

The way forward for this Diocese in terms of Church development is to continuously strengthening our partnership relationship abroad or creation of many relationships abroad or creation of many relationships abroad or creation of many relationships abroad is essential in the future.Mainting the local partnership with other Dioceses within the Church is also important for Church unity in the Anglican Church of Melanesia.

I see the four religious communities established in the Diocese and the work of Mothers Union in the Diocese is the strength of this Diocese in terms of the work of salvation. These lay ministries need the support of the diocese. The ministry of the catechist in the villages also plays the important role for change and spirituality thus their training is now to be looked into more seriously. I want the office of Sunday School Ministry, Youth Ministry and Evangelism Ministry to be supported in every way for they are the bearers of the Gospel of Christ. The Church in Ysabel today also needs to recognise the rights of the disabilities, orphans and widows for they make up the whole Christian community.

This diocese will also recognize the training of manpower resources to equip them for effective ministry at all levels of communities. The projects where BP Richard my predecessor has left incomplete I wish to complete them together with new projects I may have in mind.

I want to be in partnership with BPTC board to further develop Mano Wadrokal School of Theology and Ministry in the years ahead. And that a quality training for a quality leadership in the church is a requirement.

Clergies of the Diocese you are very important in the life and future of this diocese and I expect we will be working together hand in hand in advancing the kingdom of God on earth here and now. I feel we need to engage in a healthy relationship for a better ministry among our people.

I take this chance to say thank you to Bp Richard my predecessor for the work well done he did to develop this diocese up to this stage. To Isabel Provincial government I wish to thank the Premier and the members of the Provincial Assembly for important contributions they made to the needs of this Diocese. I am looking forward in making good working relationship with you. To the Paramount Chief of IP ,High chiefs of Maringe,high chiefs and chiefs of Marine for closely helping the diocese in the past years until now. To the ordain ministry (priest) and lay ministry, and healing ministry thank you for supporting this diocese in your work and prayers.

Finally, the Church is all about that we travel together or journey to God in faith, in prayers and in worship or fellowship. This is what Paul said the Church in which we ought to live is to be joyful in the load.

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