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Tuesday, 13 January 2015 15:34

John Coleridge Patteson University offers Education and Theological education courses

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The Rev. Philemon Akao

JCPU Coordinator

The Anglican Church of Melanesia tertiary institution, the John Coleridge Patteson University (JCPU) will be offering courses in education and theological education beginning in 2015. Teacher training to upgrade their academic status in teaching is crucial. So is the provision of theological education opportunities to members of our churches.

Each year many teachers are trying to apply for a space to study at the Solomon Islands Nation University (SINU). While many teachers have the chance to enrol not all teachers have the same opportunity. The university just doesn’t have the space one lecturer of the university said. It is this growing need to upgrade and to be skilled in their profession but without the space to study at SINU that JCPU is taking up the responsibility to offer its own courses to upgrade the teacher’s teaching skills.

JCPU will be offering education courses award for Primary teachers in Diploma qualification. These courses will be offered in June. The public will be informed prior to the delivery of the courses later. Those interesting in part time teaching in the program are invited to apply. Students intending to take up the courses are invited to apply for enrolment in the program as well. The tertiary office and the ACOM provincial head quarter will be administering the program. The office of the coordinator will inform the public when the program is about to be launched. Tuition fee payments and student upkeep in the program will be looked after by the office of the coordinator of the program. 

The Theological education courses by extension will also be offered. This is to answer the growing public enquiry about the course by many Christians in our churches. The theology courses are biblical study courses and will include courses in theology, and mission as well. Theological education courses will be offered to the Christians at large. The office of the JCPU coordinator will inform the public when the courses are ready. And those wishing to apply should contact the tertiary education office.

In 2013 the JCPU in a MOU signed with SINU had to franchise the then SICHE education program. When SICHE became SINU the university franchised program was ceased. Consequently, in 2015 JCPU is looking at offering its own courses. ACOM always believes in mutual cooperation and collaborating with other education stakeholders. It is in that spirit of mutual cooperation that, JCPU is extending its services to serve the countries education and theological needs.

Meanwhile, JCPU is looking towards establishing links with its Colleges and University in the Anglican Communion network. The university is also affiliated with Theological Education of the Anglican Communion TEAC. In the future JCPU for purposes of accreditation and benchmarking will be establishing links with some of these universities in the communion in order to be recognized as one of the quality education providers in the country.  


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