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Education Bill 2014

At last the Solomon Islands Government is upfront with the Education Bill 2014 to go to the Parliament later in the year (2015). Nine years ago in preparation for Bishop Patteson Theological College (BPTC) to offer the first degree courses in the country through theological education, the Principal then, the Rev. Philemon Akao went to see those at the Ministry of Education for the Solomon Islands Government to recognize the tertiary status of the college. The response from the Ministry of Education then wasn’t favourable as there was no tertiary education Act within the education system to facilitate the course of tertiary education. However, BPTC based on legal mechanisms established within the Ministry of Education was recognized to offer the degree courses.

These uncertainties have changed in the last nine years in the MEHRD. Currently, the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) working from a White Paper on the 1978 Education Act has produced a draft legislation to amend the old Act. A copy of the draft legislation was revealed to the members of the Think Tank consultationworkshopin February. The Minister of education Dr. Derek Sikua who delivered a keynote address has expressed his optimism about the Education Act Bill 2014 to go to the Bills Committee and through to the Cabinet and finally to the floor of parliament later this year.

The new Education Bill 2014 is well received by the tertiary education stakeholders within the country and the region. Unlike the Bill to facilitate the operation of the Solomon Islands National University (SINU), under the new Education Act Bill, all tertiary institutions in the country including SINU will be guided by the Solomon Islands Tertiary Education Commission (SITEC). To this end, the John Coleridge Patteson University joins all emerging tertiary institutions in the country to thank the MEHRD and wish them well in their ongoing effortto work to bring the Bill to parliament.

Second Chance Education

The John Coleridge Patteson University (JCPU) is adopting a new Path Way in its Tertiary Education pursuits. The intention of this new Path way in education studies is to provide a Second Chance Education to student pushed outs in Forms 3 and Forms 5. JCPU will work closely with other tertiary institutions to recognize this program with the hope the students who enrolled in the program will have the third chance to continue their education in these tertiary institutions in the country. The second chance education also aims to provide competence knowledge to students who might decide later to become self-employed.

JCPU will advertise the courses in the media for intending candidates wishing to enrol in the program later in the year.  The subject areas which the courses will cover are Business, Maths, English, Leadership and Management, Social Science and Science.

Theological Education in distance

John Coleridge Patteson University through the Bishop Patteson Theological College will be offering theological education courses in distance in 2015. The program which will be launched in July intends to offer a sound and well informed theological knowledge to members of the United Church of Solomon Islands and the Anglican Church of Melanesia. Members of other churches wishing to enrol in the program are also welcome.

The Dean of theological education program the Rev. Stephen Kapu has revealed that, the faculty of BPTC are working on the course materials. The program will be offered on certificate of theology and diploma in theology. Intending candidates could either enrol in all courses or pay to enrol in one or two courses per semester. Details of the program will be given in the due course.


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