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Monday, 07 March 2016 22:50

The Current state of JCPU

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The new developments about the John Coleridge Patteson University are signaling positive outcomes for the proposed university.

The land earmarked for the home of the new university at Kosu land in the north Guadalcanal plains is undergoing constant negotiation between the Anglican Church of Melanesia and the Tina Hydro Power Project (THPP) committees. The national infrastructure developments to provide power and water supply are crucial for any major developments to start at the proposed university site. That is the focus of the Solomon Islands Government as it works through the THPP to develop Tina River into dam for power and water supply for Honiara city which will also benefit the university.

Recently, the Anglican Church of Melanesia Trust Board members went to Kosu land to look at the site. The Board went in the morning to look at the land on the same day have had their afternoon meeting. In that meeting, the Board has agreed to set aside the portion of the land for the national infrastructure project.

This is quite an important and positive decision by the Church. Considering these major infrastructures of power and water supply are absolutely necessary to pass through the university campus.  The new developments come as welcoming news for everyone in the church. ACOM won’t be able to put such massive infrastructures in place without the help of the SIG. Power and electricity are key infrastructure developments the SIG has assured the church it will provide. The SIG is embarking on its assurance as it aims to develop the THPP at its early stage.

However, the ACOM dioceses in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu must show their support towards the project. The leaders must show they care about tertiary education. That wasn’t seen in the last eight years. There was no willingness from ‘some’ dioceses that showed a collective effort and cause mandated by the General Synod towards the university project.

The JCPU Task Force Committee is beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. This has come as good news for the church as the Task Force Committee will be starting to see changes by the time the new Education Bill on Tertiary education enacted on the floor of parliament in 2016. The ACOM has no option since the introduction of the Act is signally a huge responsibility and response from the church. Some of us are thrilled as the proposed John Coleridge Patteson University is momentously gaining legal grounds. This indicates that, the SIG will truly give the weight of its supports to our tertiary institution.  

The Solomon Islands Government, will certainly mounting its support behind our own proposed university. But it comes on the basis of ‘one good turn deserves another’. What vision, what innovative mindset and what godly courage for the future does ACOM has to collaborate effectively to assure SIG of its contributions? This is the question for the entire church to rethink as the Task Force Committee was the only committee in sight for the last nine years.




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